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Why Should You Hire A Wedding Photographer

Why should you hire a wedding photographer? Believe it or not, that is a question that I never get asked. For most couples planning a wedding, the wedding photographer is part of the wedding day team. Just like the minister, the baker, the DJ, etc., After all, we are here to document all the big moments and little details of the wedding day. One of my favorite sayings is: “A picture is worth a thousand words let us write your story.”

Why Should You Hire A Wedding Photographer, Getting The Job Done

Would you hire a plumber to fix your electrical problems, even if he has some experience fixing electrical work in his own house? Hopefully not.
I know that sounds a little dramatic but this is the essence of why it is important to hire an expert for every job. If you need to save cost somewhere, maybe cutting the grass yourself instead of letting the lawn crew cut it every week is a better way of saving than having the plumber rework the electrical wires in the entire house.

A Case In Point

The daughter of a friend of mine recently got married, since it was too far for me to travel, I couldn’t photograph her wedding. Instead, I gave her a list of photographers in her area to call. Unfortunately, because of Covid, the wedding was postponed several times and each time it was more difficult to find a wedding photographer. In the end, my friend just didn’t feel like hiring and re-hiring professionals and they opted to do most of the work themselves. This means that the photography was left to a cousin who had a “professional camera.”

Why Should Hire A Wedding Photographer, Because Experience Matters

A few weeks after the wedding, I received an email from my friend with a note and photographs. In the email, she asked me if there was any way I could fix the photographs.
I could save some of the pictures and some I could make better, however, the saddest part was the missing moments of her daughter’s wedding. There are no photographs of her getting dressed or any other intimate moments I know from experience to watch out for. After a while, one starts to feel when something exciting is going to happen.
All weddings have a certain flow, sure some details are different from one wedding to another, but the essence is the same. I am certain that the person, who took on this big job as a favor was overwhelmed most of the time. Nobody’s fault, but sad nevertheless. This is why you should hire a wedding photographer. Just like the electrician knows the difference between watts and volts, a wedding photographer knows what to look for.

My Top Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Photographer

 A seasoned wedding photographer will have plenty of experience to get you the best photographs the most expedient way. 

Quality photographs. 

Sure, these days everyone with an i-phone or smartphone is a photographer. But it is not the same. A working photographer knows what to look for before even taking the shot. We know what will work and what will not. We know what we have to do to get the shot.

Emotion, Emotions, Emotions

A working photographer will be anticipating the moments before they arrive. I remember my first few weddings, compared to what I know now. There is no comparison of what experience does when anticipating the moment.

More Than Raw

There is more to photography than the day spent at the wedding. I usually work 40 plus hours per wedding in the office. My goal always is to make every photograph shine and look the best it can be. 

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