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As a wedding photographer in Salisbury, I work pretty much anywhere on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Sometimes I travel across the Chesapeake Bay to photograph a wedding on the Western Shore of Maryland. I am more than happy to travel anywhere within a two-hour radius of home, but I am always grateful when I have the opportunity to photograph a wedding close to home.

Wedding Photographer in Salisbury, Wedding in Denton, Maryland

This weekend’s wedding is going to take place on Sunday at a beautiful State Park near Denton, MD, called Martinak and according to the DNR’s website, the park was deeded by George Martinak in 1961 to the citizens of Maryland for recreation and enjoyment. The park is bordered by the Choptank River and Watts Creek with plenty of walking trails, a boat ramp, and an amphitheater on Watts Creek.

The Perfect Park for a Wedding

What I love most about this park is the beautiful amphitheater overlooking Watts Creek. It is the perfect romantic setting for a wedding.
The stage of the theater borders the creek. This time of year, the creek is covered by Lillies with the occasional bass jumping to catch lunch. Not to be outdone by the flora, there is an abundance of wildlife swimming and flying about. The beginning of Autumn is a busy time for most insects and birds. Everyone is getting ready for winter. On a bright and sunny day, the air seems to be singing a celebratory song of the summer.
For tomorrow’s wedding, we might get lucky and have an eagle fly by while taking pictures.

Wedding Photographer in Salisbury, Outside Wedding Considerations

When I look at a potential wedding venue, my considerations are always from a wedding photographer’s point of view. For example: how easy is it to get good photographs during the ceremony. Where is the light coming from, is there enough light for me to photograph without a Speedlight? For an outdoor ceremony, another aspect would be, what will happen if the weather is bad? Is there shelter to have the ceremony out of the weather? Can I still get great photos? What would I have to do to make it happen?
Looking at some of the State Parks, there are no such options. Whatever will happen, will happen and we just have to make the most of it.

What To Look For In A Park

Of course, there are more considerations than ease of photography :}
For instance,
First, and foremost is the beauty of the park itself. How appealing is it?
What is close to the ceremony and reception area? For example: Is there a playground nearby? What will the ambient noise level be during the ceremony?
How difficult is it to the park? How long will it take?
If you can talk to your vendors, have they been at the park before? How difficult will it be for set up? How close can the vehicles get to unload? Imagine the horror if you find your perfect baker and he or she tells you that they will not deliver to a certain park because they can’t get the cake there?
Can you set up a tent for the ceremony?
What are the fees?

Martinak State Park Fits the Bill

This is why I love this park so much.
It fits all those criteria:
Rain or shine, the amphitheater has a covered stage. There is no need to look for an alternative.
It is very secluded and private. The only sounds you will hear is that of wildlife.
It is easy to get to from the West and South. The park is clearly marked and easy to access.
Your vendors will be able to drive all the way to the location with easy unloading.
There is plenty of space to set up a large tent for the reception.
The park fees are very reasonable.

Martinak State Park, Close Enough to Home

For a wedding photographer in Salisbury, traveling for 45 minutes to be transported to a romantic place like Martinak is nothing short of amazing. 

If you are interested in this Maryland State Park to celebrate your wedding and are wondering what to do next, here is a link to the DNR’s wedding and event page

For a wedding photographer in Salisbury, traveling for 45 minutes to be transported to a romantic place like Martinak is nothing short of amazing. 

I hope you will find this information helpful. Below are photos from a wedding a I photographed last year at Martinak.

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