Wedding Photographer in Baltimore

A Wedding Photographer in Baltimore? Yep, that is me also. Not too often anymore, since I live on the Eastern Shore and love to work locally.
However, on occasion, I don’t mind the travel across the Bay Bridge. Especially if it is for a super nice couple like Michelle and Keith.

Wedding Photographer in Baltimore, One of Many?

There are so many awesome wedding photographers in Baltimore that I was so thrilled when Michelle reach out to me to find out if I was available.

“I have seen your work on WeddingWire would love to work with you if you are available on that date. I know you are not from Baltimore, but I really would love for you to photograph my wedding. I looked at tons of pictures and I love yours the best.” Michelle told me in an email 

Flattery Get’s you Everywhere for an Wedding Photographer in Baltimore

Now, who doesn’t like to hear that? I crossed my fingers that I would be available on that date and happily replied to her that I would be more than happy to photograph her wedding. I also asked her if she would like to meet so we could get to know each other and I find out what she envisioned for her wedding.

Let’s Meet in the Middle

We decided to meet in Annapolis since it was halfway for us both. All I can tell you that I loved Michelle the moment I met her. She and Keith have 3 adorable girls together and the only reason they didn’t get married any sooner is that they just didn’t have the time for it.
“We both work full time, and between the kids, dogs, and our elderly parents there is not much time left for planning a wedding,” Michelle told me over a cup of coffee, while her youngest daughter sat in her highchair watching a movie on Michelle’s phone.

Wedding Photographer in Baltimore, my Greek Wedding

Both Michelle and Keith have family ties to Greece. All their close and extended families are Greek. A wedding is a very, very big deal on the Island. Everything is big! The hair, the dress, the wedding hall, the flowers, everything. Parents save their entire lives to have a huge wedding for their daughters. It was no different in this case!
In Michelle’s case not only did she have the dress of her dreams but her daughter’s dresses were too cute for words. I felt like I was in a dream of taffeta and flowers.

A Dream Wedding

Michelle told that one of the most important things of the wedding was that her dad would be able to walk her down the aisle. “He has been sick, and for a while I didn’t think he was going to live, to think he will be able to walk me down the aisle is a dream come true!’ She told me with tears in her eyes. I could tell that this was a woman appreciated every minute with her dad. My heart instantly embraced hers. I know all to well how it is to miss your dad.

Location, Location, Location

A dream wedding deserves a dream location. In this case, Michelle and Keith chose to hold the ceremony and reception at Greektown Square and Event Center Baltimore. What better place to celebrate a Greek wedding than in Greektown Square. Do you see a theme here? 

Greek Wedding Bliss

We started our day in the hotel room and when we arrived Michelle was feeding one of her daughters while trying to get her self ready for the day. What I remember the most was how calm and collected she was during it all. Nothing seemed to face her. She was in total self-control. We took some pictures of her getting ready and then headed over to the hotel where Keith and his men were staying.
The guys were waiting for us and it took no time to get our photos of the crew. I have to say that Keith looked so handsome in is suit even though his friends played a prank and hid one of his shoes from him.

Nerves at Last

I was so certain that Michelle would be the one bride who didn’t have any nerves. But when we arrived at the bridal suit at the venue it all of a sudden hit her that this was her day. Her wedding day. She just started crying and releasing it all. She didn’t even understand what was happening to her and since I have been to a few weddings I ensured her that it was normal. “Just take a few minutes to yourself, have a drink of water and let is sink in. This is your day.” I told her while she was already busy cleaning up her make-up.

Just How I Imagined

The entire wedding was a dream. So much happiness and joy everywhere. And after all the hustle and bustle in the morning the rest of the day was smooth sailing. Michelle and her dad walked down the aisle to a glowing Keith, and after the the ceremony everyone celebrate the joy and love of those two wonderful people.

I am so grateful to have been a witness to Keith and Michelle’s union. Weddings like theirs keep reminding me what it is all about.

Wedding Photographer in Baltimore
Wedding Photographer in Baltimore
Wedding Photographer in Baltimore
Wedding Photographer in Baltimore
Wedding Photographer in Baltimore
Wedding Photographer in Baltimore
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Wedding Photographer in Baltimore
Wedding Photographer in Baltimore
Wedding Photographer in Baltimore
Wedding Photographer in Baltimore

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