Wedding at the Bayfront Club

Wedding at The Bayfront Club

Lauren and Jame’s wedding at the Bayfront Club was everything a photographer could wish for. The Bayfront Club is a community club that features a grand ballroom, a sprawling deck overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, and a well-manicured lawn and pier and lends itself to great photography for the bride, groom, family, and friends. 

The Sun Shines for This Wedding at the Bayfront Club

Lauren and Jame’s wedding at the Bayfront Club started with warm temperatures and beautiful blue skies. When I arrived for the wedding a the Bayfront Club, I was delighted to feel the warm breeze on my face. Autumn outdoor weddings on the Chesapeake Bay can be tricky. Just because the weather service predicts sunshine doesn’t mean that is what the day will bring. The saying “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes.” is more than true near the waters of the Bay.

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

 Lauren and James opted for a first-look, which is always my preference because it gives us extra time for photos. Even the most thoughtful wedding timelines often don’t leave enough time for photography. In the morning the days sprawls out before the bride and groom and the wedding team. The day everyone waited for is finally here. However, once the hair and make-up for the bride and bride-maids begin, hours quickly seem to turn into minutes. 

Before we know it it is time for the bride to get dressed in her wedding gown. And then the rest of the day is just a whirlwind. 

A First Look At The Bayfront Club 

That is why I like photographing first-looks so much. We get some time to take photos before the ceremony. There is nothing sweeter than watching a bride and groom seeing each other for the first time. Those moments are beyond precious. 

However, finding a great location to take photos can be difficult. I have to pick a spot for the groom, so he can’t see his bride walking up behind him, and I have enough room for me to move around the both of them so I can take photos from as many different angles as possible. Luckily, the Bayfront Club has some beautiful areas for the groom to wait for his future wife. While I was busy photographing Lauren and Jame’s first-look, I looked up and saw family members watching and enjoying this special moment on the deck above. It does not always work out this perfectly, but when it does it feels magical. 

Perfect Weather For A Perfect Wedding

As I said in my intro, Lauren and Jame’s wedding at the Bayfront Club was showered with the most beautiful autumn weather. It was perfect from morning until night. As Lauren came down the stairs leading to the ceremony a slight breeze made her long hair and dress swirl about. A slight breeze is a wedding photographer’s delight.

The ceremony was short and sweet and the couple couldn’t look happier.

A bonus for weddings at the Bayfront Club is the sprawling lawn. it is perfect for gathering the family for photos. So right after the ceremony finished and friends and family could disperse, we invited anyone to stick around for photos. 

Outdoor Dining and Dancing 

 The Bayfront Club has a beautiful ballroom but the weather for this wedding was perfect for outdoor dining on the lawn and dancing on the deck. After the bridal party made the grand entrance, a few speeches were spoken, and then it was time for Lauren and Jamie’s first dance. As luck and timing would have it, the dance started right as the sun was beginning to set. Ooooollllaaaaa, what can be more romantic than that. 

Party Time

After dinner, the party was up on the big sprawling deck overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. I love it when guests have a great time dancing. It presents me with so many fun photo opportunities and which will turn into great memories for the bride and groom. 

This beautiful wedding at The Bayfront Club ended with a grand exit for the couple. The guests lit up the night sky with sparklers and Lauren and James walked into their new life illuminated by light and love. 

Dear Lauren and Jamie, wishing you all the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be part of your magical day.

Wedding at the Bayfront Club
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