Taking a facebook break

Taking A Facebook Break

Why am I taking a Facebook break? This something I don’t want to spend time writing nor thinking about. However, sometimes things happen, and it is so crazy that you don’t know how to react. At first, I thought I am going to ignore the situation and pretend it never happened. But that would be dishonest, and sharing my experience can be a warning to others.

I only have a small representation on Facebook, not even a thousand followers. Facebook doesn’t generate revenue for me, and I don’t run any ads. The only reason I have a Facebook business account is that it is a way to share my photographs. If a client comes to my website or sees me on WeddingWire or The Knot, they can also come to see my photography on Facebook.

Taking a Facebook Break, How Do I Keep Up

 In all honesty, keeping up with social media is a lot of work, and I decided a long time ago that something had to give. So I decided not to post much on Instagram, and after a while, I forgot about it check on it. I don’t spend much time sitting around scrolling on my phone so posting on Instagram just fell to the way-side. 

I did, however, post on Facebook quite frequently and enjoyed the conversations I have with friends and clients.

Taking a Facebook Break, People Who Hurt, Hurt People

Last week I posted a photo that irked somebody. Instead of writing to me privately, she wrote a nasty public comment on my page. Now in retrospect, I could have dealt with it better but at that moment I just wanted the comment to be gone off my page and move on. So I deleted the photo and banned her from my page. What I should have done is write to her and start a conversation. I see that now, but hindsight is 20/20. So, instead of making it better, I made the situation worse. 

What it did is unleash a tsunami. When she realized that she could no longer post on my page, her friends and family started in on me. Quickly it became clear to me that I had messed up. I reached out to apologize. 

Unleash the Hyenas

What I didn’t know was that a tsunami was heading my way. After we texted back and forth, it felt like the situation had been resolved, and I moved on with my day. Like I said before, I don’t spend much time on social media, so hours passed before I picked up my phone to check what was going on.  

My first surprise was about 20 phone messages. Which was strange in itself. Every single one of the voice messages was somebody calling me to leave me an insult. Then I saw that I had even more messages and reviews on my Facebook page. None of them complimentary.  

What To Do? 

I, in all honesty, didn’t know what to think or feel. It felt like the rug was being pulled out from under my feet. I had no idea who these people were and why they didn’t have anything better to do than spending time being nasty and mean. 

Luckily, some very nice people privately messaged me to tell me what was happening to me. I was told that this was an orchestrated attack, from an Instagram group that shames wedding vendors. All somebody has to do is tell this group a complaint valid or not, and these beasts unleash their vitriol. Just because they can. They know nothing about the person creating the attack or of the person being attacked. It matters not to them. 

The Solution? Taking a Facebook Break

I still remember sitting on my desk, feeling stunned. Wondering what was in it for them? Why would anyone do this to another person? This wedding vendor group has 70000 people. Some of them, are for hire! In the past week, I have gotten several emails from people offering me to fight back by flooding the pages of those individuals who attacked me. For a price of course. I guess that’s the circle of life. I declined by ignoring the emails. 

The only solution to this problem was to deactivate my account and go silent until this washes over. I haven’t even checked my Instagram account, who knows what damage they have done there. 

What Did I Learn From This?

That this can happen to anyone! If you own a small business, your competition can come after you on social media without you ever knowing where it came from. I was lucky, I knew my attacker, and was able to reach out to her. But, no doubt, there is a group out there waiting for someone to make you the focal point of an attack.  

Moving On

None of this was right. Yes, I could have handled the situation better. However, I didn’t deserve this vicious attack. I didn’t deserve to be attacked at all. What makes it even worse is knowing that these people did this just because they can. 

What does it say about them? For days, I kept thinking about that. The only conclusion I can come to is, that their heart hurts badly. They are lost and lonely. Anyone with love and happiness in their heart doesn’t spend a moment hurting someone else. Love and hate can’t occupy the same space. 

 I am not angry anymore. I will move on from this. Learn my lessons. Unfortunately, I doubt that those people will have the same experience. 

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