Seaford wedding photographer

Seaford Wedding Photographer

Seaford Wedding Photographer Working From Home

As a Seaford Wedding Photographer, I am always delighted when I get to document a wedding right here in Seaford. Nothing is better than getting in my car and driving a few minutes to be on location. Things just don’t get easier than that.

Seaford Wedding Photographer at Gethsemane United Methodist Church

This lovely Seaford couple’s wedding day started with clear blue skies and a cool fresh breeze and by ceremony time the weather was perfect. The ceremony was held at Gethsemane United Methodist Church  and as any Seaford Wedding Photographer will tell you, this church is a great place for wedding photography. It has a small but very functional bridal room and plenty of space for friends and family to gather before and after the ceremony. The main chapel is a beautiful open space with some nice afternoon light.

The Reception at Seaford Volunteer Fire Department

Since both Cassidy and Shane were born and raised in Seaford, and are small business owners themselves, it is very important for them to support local businesses whenever they can. So for the reception, they didn’t have to look far and chose the reception hall at the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department.

Where are We Going to Take Photographs?

The upstairs hall is a great open space that can accommodate about 200 people. The perfect size for a couple who has their roots firmly in place in Seaford and lots of friends and family to host on their wedding day. The one problem is that the hall in the middle of town, which not only means that parking is at a premium but also that the surrounding area leaves much to be desired for wedding photography. Believe me, when I first saw the outside, I felt a little disappointed. However, where there is a will, a great photo locale will be found. 

On location at the Montessori School

Since neither the church or the reception hall had good opportunities for a great photoshoot, we needed to come up with a plan B for the photos. What we needed was a locale that was close enough to both the church and the reception. We only had about 30 minutes to get our photos done. We really couldn’t take the time to drive anywhere out of the way.

Great Minds, Great Ideas!

I didn’t take but a few minutes of talking back and forth for us to stumble on a great idea.
The Montessori School happens to be dap-smack between the church and the reception hall and offers some nice outdoor areas for photographs. Shane volunteered to check and see if we could use the lawn for about 30 minutes. As it turns out, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Seaford wedding photographer

Sister love

Seaford wedding photographer

A priceless moment before the ceremony. A group hug before it all begins.

Wedding photographer in seaford

Practice makes perfect.

Cassidy’s dad was speechless when he saw his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress.

Wedding photographer in seaford

How adorable are these flower girls? I mean, really!

Gethsemane United Methodist Church

Cassidy is looking at her future.

Ceremony time.

wedding ceremony at Gethsemane United Methodist Church

It’s like watching a beautiful movie but it is real 🙂

The clock is ticking, we have only 30 minutes to get it done

Getting done!

bridal photos at Montessori School, Seaford Delaware
Bridal portraits in Seaford, Delaware
Seaford wedding photographer
Seaford wedding photographer
Seaford wedding photographer
Seaford wedding photographer

We made it back in time for the reception.

When your sister gives a speech and showers you with love, tears will flow!

When your husband’s best man gives a speech…

Then we cut the cake and then we dance

And the nights ends but the love continues! Cassidy and Shane, from the bottom of my grateful heart I thank you for having me be part of your celebration.

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