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Looking for a make-up artist on the Eastern Shore to make you feel and look beautiful on your wedding day? I hope this blog can help. As usual, I will write it from a photographer’s point of view. When I, as an artist and photographer think about choosing a make-up artist my first thought is always how will the make-up translate in my photograph. Luckily, we have some experienced make-up artists right here on our beautiful Eastern Shore and I hope this blog will help you find the one that is just right for you.

Make-up Artist on the Eastern Shore, An Eye on Photographs

Believe it or not, what kind of make-up and how much matters when it comes to photographs. A great make-up artist will know exactly what kind and how much is needed for your face to glow and look stunning in my pictures. Now, I understand that looking awesome in photographs might not be your most important criteria, but trust me on this one, you definitely want a make-up artist that has worked with photographers and will keep this in mind when talking to you about their vision for your make-up.

Practice Makes Perfect

If for instance, if you are the type of woman that wears little to no make-up, a little will go a long way. I am sure you don’t want to look at your wedding pictures and not recognize the woman looking back at you. That’s why a make-up artist with experience in make-up for photography will know how and what to do to make you still look natural yet polished, without overloading your face with heavy foundation and concealer. Great make-up will catch the light and applied correctly it will give your face a pretty outline without dark eyes and red lips if you don’t want to have eyes and lips like that. I have seen women who only use a little mascara for their eyes look stunning because the face was expertly contoured and blended.

Keeping With The Trends, Make-up Artist on the Eastern Shore

I personally love it when a woman is not afraid of make-up and not afraid of experimenting with shades and color. Weddings are dreams that come true and maybe on your wedding day, you want to transform yourself into someone daring and vivacious? Are you thinking about your favorite artist and how she wears her make-up? Your wedding is your dream come true, and your make-up will reflect your dreams and will help you feel the best you can on this day.

Confidence is Everything

Now, I know what you are thinking. Of course, they will tell me, but the truth of the matter is: Not always. I have worked with make-up artists who don’t think it is their job and simply will do what the clients want. Now, I always wonder why someone would have that kind of attitude towards a client. The only answer I can come up with is that they have no confidence in their work.  

We are All in This For Your

We are all working on this together to ensure that your day is the most perfect day.
I would want to work with a professional experienced enough and confident enough in their work to tell me when I am off track.
Below are some of my favorite make-up artists on the Shore. Feel free to reach out to them, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to shine on your wedding day.

Good To Glow

The owner of Good to Glow is Saddie, and what I love about her is that she in love with the art of make-up. She is pretty new to the wedding scene but in a few short years, she has proven herself to be a true creative expert.

Feel free to contact her at to talk about all your wedding day make-up needs.

Releve’ Beauty

Relevé Beauty is a wedding makeup company located in Tracys Landing, . Leslie strives to highlight the beauty of each client she works with, and make them look and feel their absolute best for such an important day in their life.

Relevé Beauty can do makeup for the bride and the entire bridal party. This company also provides makeup for other special events and occasions, as well. A unique, featured service of Relevé Beauty is their Bridal Yoga Classes, where you can clear your mind and relax leading up to your big day. As a certified yoga instructor, Leslie can truly help make you feel amazing and refreshed on your wedding day. The other services that are offered with this makeup business are:

I couln’t find a website for this make-up artis but you can contact her via phone 301-417-5122 

Make-up-by Sonnie

Graduate of Von Lee International School.Sonnie Connor is the make up artist behind the brush at Make Up by Sonnie. She specializes in both traditional and airbrush make up.  
A graduate of Von Lee International School of Aesthetics, she fell in love with make up as a teen and has enjoyed making others feel alive by bringing out their natural beauty, not masking it. She is a true believer that every women is beautiful and can bring their full beauty to life by her application of make up or a lesson.  ​Sonnie works in Baltimore, Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and will come to your location for make up application. She also works with Wave Hair Trends, Studio 360, and Heidi’s Hair Connection.

Want to get in touch with Sonnie click here for her website:

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