Engagement Photos at The Inner Harbor

These engagement photos at the Inner Harbor have to be one of my favorite engagement photos I’ve taken in and around Baltimore.
Both Catherine and Brian live and play and bar-hop around the Inner Harbor and when we talked about where to go for the engagement shoot they both said in unison “let’s take the engagement photos at the Inner Harbor! We love the Baltimore Wharf Marina and have made some great memories walking around the Inner Harbor.”

Finding My Way Around for Engagement Photos at The Inner Harbor

I know my way around Baltimore enough to be able to travel confidently to the main areas around the Inner Harbor for engagement photos but was a little worried that I would have a difficult time navigating and picking out some cool places around the Baltimore Wharf Marina. I was relieved to hear that Catherine and Brian knew exactly what places would be awesome to take photos at and most importantly where to find a good parking spot.

Engagement Photos at The Inner Harbor, Let’s Meet at Fells Point

We decided to meet at Ale Mary’s https://www.alemarys.com/ at Fells Point and then take a stroll towards the Fells Point Harbor area. 

Ale Mary’s is located on S. Washington Street and an easy walk towards the Harbor. The streets a cobblestoned and lined with Poplar Trees, which are appealing and a great place for engagement photos, and it almost feels like a different time period. One almost expects a horse and buggy to come along. 

An Industrial Feel 

We spent some time taking photos around the more industrial parts of Fells Point before making it to the Harbor. One of the upsides of taking engagement photos in larger cities is that the surroundings change from city block to city block. Perfect for a photographer always looking for a change in scenery. Concrete walls and railing make great places for hanging out and also make great leading lines. Big industrial buildings help to let the viewer know where the photos are taken and set the mood for the photoshoot.

Baltimore Waterfront Promenade 

By the time we made it to the Waterfront Promenade we started to feel comfortable with each other and had fun. It always takes some time for couples to relax when we start to take photos. Most of my couples never had a photo session and are naturally a little nervous. I can always tell when they start to relax and have fun. It is the best feeling when it happens. It means I have done it right. Now they trust me and the photos will be genuine and real.

A Cool Little Sidestreet Makes for Great Engagement Photos at The Inner Harbor.

I love it when this happens. I walk down a street and see something that would work for engagement photos. We were heading towards Henderson Warf Marina https://www.hendersonswharfmarina.com/en-us hoping to take some photos with some awesome boats as the background when I spotted a tiny back-alley void of people and things. That never happens. “Let’s jump in here really quickly before somebody comes and take a few pictures,” I said excitedly to Catherine and Brian.  

A Clothing Change and a Few Boats 

Both Catherine and Brian are proud of their alma maters and wanted to take photos that would represent their pride in those colleges. So by the time, we meandered to the marina they were ready for a clothing change.
A few fun photos and we were ready to head back to the pub.
I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet with Catherine and Brian for a great evening of engagement photos at The Inner Harbor.

Inner harbor Baltimore
Inner harbor Baltimore
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Wedding Photographer on the Eastern Shore
Wedding Photographer on the Eastern Shore
Engagement Photos at Inner Harbor

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