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Eastern Shore Weddings, Things Should Be Busy

It is May, and this is the month that for Eastern Shore Weddings things get really busy. As an Eastern Shore wedding photographer things are usually on an upward slope. The next few months are should be about weddings and engagement shoots. Unfortunately, this year things are different.

So far, all my March and April weddings have been postponed until Autumn or even to next year. Somehow, I was hoping that May would be the beginning of some normalcy. But now it looks like June will have the same shade of grey as May.

Eastern Shore Weddings, I Miss Weddings

It is May, and here at Eastern Shore Weddings, I miss all of my beautiful couples. I miss sharing the happiest day of their life with them. I miss seeing the guest arrive. I miss seeing the nervous bride and her calming mother. I miss the tears of joy during the ceremony. I miss it all, and I can’t wait to get back to normal.

Finally Spring, Yet Something is Missing

It is May, and on the Eastern Shore, and flowers are blooming, birds chirping their hearts out to attract the perfect mate, and I can walk barefoot in my garden again. Life should be at is best, because spring makes us believe in love, life, and renewal.

What in the World?

It is May, and yet it is not the same spring I am used to. Sure, my garden is in full swing. I started sowing seeds yesterday, I picked my first kale, and everywhere I look life is in abundance. So many the flowers are ready to burst open, it is a joy to go out every morning to see what is new. Yet, there is sadness everywhere. It feels like the entire world is sad. Even while surrounded by all this beauty I can’t help but ask: “How is the world we are used to going to look like after this?” Nobody knows.

How Do I Go On From This?

I am a photographer right here on the beautiful Eastern Shore. Yes, I photograph weddings, but I can’t lose sight of why I got into photography in the first place. I love photography because it lets me capture things just as they are. It makes me have to focus on what is important. It makes me have to see past the fray. I have to know how to focus my mind so I can focus my lens. I love that challenge.

Do What You Know!

It is May and I just keep taking pictures every day. I made a promise to myself when all of this craziness began. I promised to be grateful every day, for the things I have, I promised to not go down the spiral of listening to the news obsessively. Instead to take my camera and take photos of the things that are in front of me. To search for beauty where ever I can find it.

Finding Beauty

It is May, and the earth is crying and we should be listening! I think she is crying because we stopped paying attention. I promise to be a better listener and pay more attention by focusing my lens on the beauty in front of me.
I wish you all love and light and I can’t wait to see you soon!

Planning Your Wedding on the Eastern Shore?

It is May, and as an Eastern Shore wedding photographer, I worry for all my colleagues. I am sure some will get through this with flying colors others will be not as lucky. In an effort to keep us all connected I am working on a small guide to local Eastern Shore vendors. So far I wrote to a blog post about local wedding venues. If you are planning your wedding here on the Eastern Shore and are looking for some affordable yet unique venues please check out my blog posts https://windsweptphotodesign.com/delaware-beach-wedding-venues/ and https://windsweptphotodesign.com/guide-to-eastern-shore-wedding-venues/

I share my personal photographs on http://500px.com/andreastraw take a look what I am doing when I am not photographing weddings

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