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Eastern Shore wedding florists are an essential part of creating your dream wedding. Flowers add beauty to an event. A wedding without flowers is almost unimaginable. Even the most unusual weddings have some sort of floral decoration. It might not be flowers per se, but sticks and vines can make for an artful and extraordinary presentation.
In a world of Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy, it is easy to find illumination on what we like and what we want to see for our wedding day.

Eastern Shore Wedding Florists, Seeking Help in the Community

However, making the dream we see on some else’s blog post reality often requires the help of a professional. How many flowers will I need, what colors work well with each other, what is the cost, and how can I make this dream reality? Nowadays, we have the power of circling this globe in the span of an afternoon while sitting in the comfort of our home. Yet, we also have the opportunity to get answers to our most pertinent questions answered right in the midst of our communities.
if you are planning an Eastern Shore Wedding, the following Eastern Shore Wedding Florists will be so excited to help you in any way they can.

Eastern Shore Wedding Florists, Take Your Pick

Luckily, here on the Eastern Shore, we have several long-established florists. A few of them are second-generation operated business, and most of them have been around long enough to really know what the are doing in helping a couple planning their dream Eastern Shore Wedding.
All Eastern Shore Wedding Florists are amazing and can’t wait to assist you with all your floral needs.

Eastern Shore Wedding Florists, Chesapeake Blooms, Easton, Maryland

Chesapeake Blooms is located in Easton Maryland on 22-B N. Harrison St.
This is an excerpt from their website with a link below:
” With over 10 years experience, we love flowering weddings, special events, happy occasions and sympathy flowers. We feel honored to participate in these deeply heartfelt passages in your lives and we approach each job with reverence and gratitude. Our brides have married at a number of choice locations on the Eastern Shore and as far away as Washington, DC and New York City. For a more personal touch, we also do flowers for our discerning clientele who choose to marry at their family’s grand waterfront estates along the Chesapeake Bay.”

Sweetbay Flowers, Royal Oaks, Maryland

Sweetbay Flowers is located in Royal Oaks, Maryland, check them out by following this link:

This is an excerpt from their About Us section:
“Named for the beautiful Sweetbay Magnolia tree that grows throughout the Eastern Shore, Sweetbay Flowers is a wedding and event florist located in Royal Oak, in the heart of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. In the Sweetbay gardens, there is something growing or blooming year round. Peonies in the spring, annuals filling up the summer months, glorious dahlias for the fall and an extensive array of greenery, all accent the many floral designs we create. Holiday decorating is also a busy time for us as we create wreaths, swags, kissing balls, centerpieces and a variety of unique and custom-designed decorations. Sweetbay Flowers offers the freshest flowers and attention to detail for every wedding, event, and special occasion.”

The address for Sweetbay Flowers is: 25985 Gosling Lane | Royal Oak Md 21662

J Starr’s Flower Barn, Preston, Maryland

J Starr Flower Barn is located in Preston Maryland, if you want to check out the website, just click here:

Below is a litte bit about their story for your reading pleasure:
“J Starr’s Flower Barn was born when my husband and I purchased a farm with a big red barn on it that needed put to good use…and my husband, Matt was pretty much over me designing wedding flowers in our house! So it all worked out perfectly! Matt is my biggest cheerleader and has never doubted my ability to have a successful floral business. My daughters are the heart of my business – they are my Reason. I love that I can have them with me in my shop, teaching them the importance of hard work, entrepreneurship, patience…and I’m sure there will be many more lessons as they grow up! Their favorite thing to do in the shop is scrub buckets…ok, so it’s more like…playing in soapy water…
I love using Locally Grown Flowers from nearby farms or growing on our own farm, where our family also has 6 roadside produce stands, 3 chicken houses, and hundreds of acres of grain and produce fields. If I can work Seasonal Local Blooms into your design, I will! Garden Style Bouquets are my personal favorite, with lush greenery, mixed fillers, and many varieties of blooms – and if they are in Bright & Bold Colors, it’s an added bonus! Small Touches make the Biggest Impact! I love adding something unusual, unexpected, and special to a design in order to make each design Unique and Interesting!”

Posey Palace, Seaford, Delaware

Posey Palace is located on Stein Highway in Seaford, DE, and you want to check them out just click here:

This is what they have to say about who they are:
“POSEY PALACE LLC can help you send the perfect gift to show your loved ones how much you care. We’re proud to be one of the leading florists in SEAFORD and have a wonderful selection of flowers, corsages, gifts and birthday flower arrangements for you to choose from.
We also offer beautiful custom designed wedding flower arrangements including wedding bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres.”

Eastern Shore Wedding Florists, Connection is Everthing

I am certain that all of these Eastern Shore Wedding Florists will be more than happy in assisting you to achieve your wedding day dreams in any way possible. I for one, can’t wait to see you walking down the aisle surrounded by friends, family, and the most spectacular flowers imaginable.

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