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Eastern Shore Wedding DJs, Doing it For the Music.

I love photography so much that even when I don’t have a wedding to shoot I am out and about with my camera. My camera [s] is truly one of my best friends. I think, dream and talk about photography all the time.
I think that love for the thing you do, should be a requirement for all the vendors who choose to be part of your wedding. Your Eastern Shore Wedding DJ should be doing it for the love of the music and the love for your event.

Wedding at Swan Cove, Maryland

Eastern Shore Wedding DJs in it to Win it

Weddings all long and often very tiresome. You really and truly have to love it, otherwise it shows. I have photographed weddings where the DJ was just doing his job and couldn’t wait for the evening to be over.
On the other hand, I have worked with DJs on the Eastern Shore who are in it to win it.

Not Everyone is Up to Par

First and foremost, he or she has to have a real love for music. It can’t be a job for they do because it pays the bills. I have talked to DJs at weddings that can’t have a conversation because the love the song that is playing so much they just have to sing along. Their life is music. They have to work in a profession that has to do with music, plain and simple.
I have also watched DJs that spend more time looking at their watch than at the people on the dance floor. All they do is play one song after another off the playlist. At one wedding I had a DJ ask me how quickly I wanted the evening to be over, cause he could just rush things!
Definitely not the guy I would want to hire!

Wedding Venues in Annapolis

Recipe for Success

The ability to read the crowd is so important for a successful reception, that a DJ is like a magician.
At one wedding, the bride’s parents requested that Mozart’s Requiem in D minor was played during dinner. Honestly, it felt we were at a funeral instead of a wedding. There was no coming back from that.
A great DJ would have advised against that choice of music and directed them towards something more light-hearted.

Wedding Photographer on the Eastern Shore

Eastern Shore Wedding DJs, Dance With Me

A great DJ will be able to get ummotivated guests on the floor. He will read the room and pick the right music for the moment. He will scan the room to see if people are out of their seats ready to dance or maybe they are still waiting for a cup of coffee to get them going. Sometimes, right after dinner, guests are just not in the mood for upbeat dance music. So maybe starting the evening out with some slow dancing is appropriate.

At another wedding with a slow start, the DJ started to dance with the guests. Now, in my opinion, is someone dedicated to success.

Seaford wedding photographer

Paying Close Attention

Another important aspect is the willingness to meet and find out what you are looking for in your choice of music and what kind of party you want. The person who tells you “Just have a playlist ready by a certain date, is not the person you should want to hire.”

Let’s Work Together

I compiled a list of some of my favorite Eastern Shore Wedding DJ’s for your review. I know each and everyone would love to hear from you and be part of your wedding day.

Mydeejay is a company based in Philadelphia with several DJs working for them. They are truly specialists. Weddings is what they do. I had the pleasure working with several of their employees and one was as awesome as the next.

Want to talk to one of their wedding specialists/ Click here for more information: https://mydeejay.com/

Another great company to work with is AT Bay Deeyaas. This is an excerpt from their website:

At Bay Deejays, we take your wedding inspiration and unique personality, mix in our skill and entertainment experience, and create an evening for you and your guests that can only be described as “amazing!”  We’re a different type of DJ company, we specialize in one thing and one thing only… 100% perfect weddings.

Want to reach them for your dream wedding? Here you go: https://www.baydeejays.com/

Steve Moody’s entertainment collection is another great company servicing the Eastern Shore click here to get in touch with them: https://stevemoody.com/

Last but not least Dj Christopher Hart will be more than happy to talk to you about all your wedding day needs. Feel free to contact him here: http://www.djchrishart.com/

Thank you so much for checking out this blog, and I hope you found it helpful.

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