Eastern Shore Marriage Proposal

Eastern Shore Wedding Proposal

I just got an email asking if I was available to photograph a surprise Eastern Shore marriage proposal. I quickly checked my availability and got back to Brian with a “yes, I would love to photograph your proposal, where would you like me to meet you?” That is when Brian confessed that he decided on the date before he decided on the location for the proposal. “Do you know of some cool places on the Eastern Shore? I am not from the area, but my girlfriend lived there before she went to college and her parents still live in Salisbury. I thought it would be a nice weekend get-a-away and surprise.”

 Cool Places on the Eastern Shore for a Wedding Proposal

“Well,” I told Brian, “not offhand, but I certainly can think about some places that would be nice for a proposal. Give me a few days and let me see what I can come up with.” Thank you, thank you, that would be awesome,” he wrote to me “I want to pull this off so she doesn’t know what is going to happen.” 

Putting on My Thinking Hat

In all honesty, this turns out to be more difficult than I expected. Simply because sometimes it is difficult to see the proverbial forest because of the trees. Brian’s date for the wedding proposal on the Eastern Shore was Mid-December, and with that in mind, it became just a little easier to come up with a few ideas. All of a sudden, it was “why didn’t I think of that before?” 

The Beach, the beach, the beach

If you put Ocean City, Christmas lights, and the beach in a hat and shake it up you come up with the Ocean City Winterfest. I wrote to Brian and told him about the train ride that makes its way through the sparkling lights, and how romantic that might be for a proposal. Brian loved the idea of the train ride and the sparkling lights. “But what will I do, if it rains?” Yes, indeed, the weather this time of year, can be tricky on the beach. 

Ice Skating for an Eastern Shore Marriage Proposal?

Okay, no problem…I can solve that. If the weather turns bad, and you are already in Ocean City, your fun outing is not going to end in a wash-out. No, because Ocean City has an indoor ice skating rink at the Carousel Hotel. If you can’t skate, it is still a great place to have a drink and watch other skaters swirl around the ice contemplating the right time to pop the question. 

Hiking at the State Park

Of course, I realized that just because it is the holiday season, the wedding proposal doesn’t have to be winter theme related. One of the more unusual places on the Eastern Shore are the fire towers on Cape Henlopen. If you never climbed one of the towers, the few from the top is breathtaking.  

“After the proposal, you can take a romantic stroll on the beach, and/or take your then fiance out for a great dinner in the Town of Lewes.” I wrote to Brian. “What do you think of those 3 ideas?” 

Eastern Shore Marriage Proposal, Did He Pick a Spot?

Brian wrote back to me right away and told me that these 3 ideas all sounded great, but he really likes the idea of the Fire Tower. “I think, my girlfriend might expect a proposal if I take her on a train ride through the lights in Ocean City. Although I like the back-up plan of the ice-skating rink and will keep it as such, the Fire Towers sound perfect. We both like to hike and she wouldn’t suspect a thing if I asked her to go to a State Park to walk. Let’s plan on doing it a the park, and if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we can go meet at the Carousel Hotel.”  

“That sounds great! I can’t meet both of you and capture your proposal on camera.” I wrote back to him. 

I am so happy to be able to come up with some ideas to make this Eastern Shore proposal happening for Brian and his soon-to-be fiance and can’t wait to be part of the beginning of their happily-ever-after. 

If you are interested in more information on Ocean City’s Winterfest click here for the website https://oceancitymd.gov/oc/departments/special-events/winterfest/

To check out the ice rink at the Carousel Hotel go here: https://carouselhotel.com/amenities/ice-rink/

Want to learn more about the Fire Towers at Cape Henlopen, this is where you want to click: https://www.destateparks.com/FortMiles

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