Beach Wedding Photo

Eastern Shore Beach Wedding

An Eastern Shore Beach Wedding is one of my favorite events to photograph. There is just something special about them. Our seashore makes the perfect backdrop for any marriage ceremony. Everything seems so much more low-key and easy going and the expectations of perfection are somewhat lowered. People, just except that they might have some sand on their dress or that the wind will mess with their hair.

Beach Wedding Photography, Look No Further Than the Eastern Shore

Luckily, the Eastern Shore has a plethora of ideal beaches and locations to chose from. Between Lewes, Delaware, and Ocean City Maryland you can find any style of beach venue to host your wedding that you can think of. I’ve recently written a blog about Delaware Beach Venues that you can check out here in the blog I focused primarily on smaller and affordable venues.

You Don’t Have to Decide between Fun and Chic

Just because you have decided that the beach and the ocean are calling you for your wedding doesn’t mean you have to give up on your style or personality. In today’s world, we can have it all. You can be a beach bride and yet pay homage to your personality and style.

A Beach Wedding Can Accommodate Any Style

It is much harder to imagine a bride walking down the aisle at a historical mansion in a beachy wedding dress than it is to imagine the same bride walking down the sandy aisle on the beach in a dress all decked out in bling and a long train. One of my favorite beach weddings was a “The Great Gatsby,” themed wedding. The tables were decked with feather boas and the bride wore the most form-fitting glittery dress imaginably. It was simply perfect.

A Beach Wedding Can Be Fun For the Guests as Well

What a better way to have a wedding celebration than to invite your guests to stay maybe a few days before or after the wedding. Especially for the guest that will have to travel long distances to join the celebration of a beach wedding might be really enticing. Many times a family might have to decide between attending someone’s wedding and taking a vacation. A beach wedding can kill the proverbial bird with one stone.

Photographing a Beach Wedding Not as Easy as it Seems

Of course, from the photographer’s point of view taking pictures on the beach can have some pitfall. Sand and water are hard on the equipment, during the heat of the summer, people can look very sweaty and wind-blown in photographs. And during the height of the tourist season, beaches are very crowed and taking photos is a challenge.

Killer Sunsets are the Prize

On the other hand, once you get over the fact that the wind and sand do their own thing and you just have to go with the flow, the prize just might be a super-awesome sunset. There are no better beach sunsets than on the Atlantic ocean. One of my favorite moments and places to photograph is on Cape Henlopen as the sunsets behind the dunes and bathes the entire beach in golden-pink light.

Get Connected with Eastern Shore Beach Towns

If you haven’t been on the Shore for a while check out some of these websites. I think a great way to get to know an area is to get a feel for the community that lives there.

Ocean City Maryland

Bethany Beach, Delaware

Dewey Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Jump Into Fun, the Water is Warm

If you are in the planning stages of your wedding and are sitting on the fence of having a wedding on the beach, I think you should really seriously consider jumping all in. I am sure you will not regret it.

Below are a few fun pictures I took last year, and I can’t wait to get photographing on our beautiful Eastern Shore beaches again.

Beach Wedding Photo
Bride and Groom on the Beach at Golden Sands, Ocean City Maryland
Bride at wedding at Solero Restaurant
Beach Life Magazine, Rehoboth Beach Delaware
Bride and groom on Jetti, Maryland Beach
Bridal Dress Golden Sands Ocean City MD
Beach Wedding Photo
Eastern Shore Beach Wedding photo of sunglasses on table
Bride and Groom on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland
Beach at Golden Sand Ocean City MD
Beach Wedding Photo
Bride and groom kissing after ceremony, Golden Sands, Ocean City MD
Oyster Shells as gift at wedding
Brides maid on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
First Look on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Ceremony set up at Golden Sands Ocean City MD
Beach Wedding Photo