Baywood Clubhouse Wedding

This Baywood Clubhouse wedding was so much fun to photograph. Surrounded by the beauty of the Baywood Golfcourse and enchanted gardens, the Baywood wedding venue is one of the most beautiful Delaware venues for any wedding affair.
And a big shout-out to the staff at Baywood “You guys are truly fantastic to work with!”

Baywood Clubhouse Wedding. Kirsten and Will’s Celebration

Kirsten and Will had planned their wedding at Baywood Clubhouse for April. The plan was for a big wedding with lots of friends and family to celebrate their matrimony and love. However, Covid-19 threw, like for so many other couples, a wrench into the planning and execution.
When Kirsten and I talked about changing the dates, we were still hopeful to be able to reschedule the wedding for May, maybe around Memorial Day. But as time went on it became clear that their spring wedding might become a late summer-early autumn celebration.

Baywood Clubhouse Wedding, Coordination is Everything

Kirsten and I talked several times while she was trying to figure out what to do since everything seemed so much up in the air.  “I want to have a Baywood Wedding, I have been in love with that venue since I saw it a few years ago. I just don’t know how I can keep all my vendors, and coordinate guests, and keep my self sane. I need to make a decision soon, but I feel so stuck, I don’t know what to do.” 

I told her to let me know as soon as she knew of the date since my calendar for the summer seemed to be ever-changing. 

Decision Time

“I think I got it!” Kirsten sounded excited, for the first time in a long time. 

” We have booked a date for late July, but the wedding will not proceed as scheduled. We will have to make some adjustments.” 

I was hoping that my calendar was still open on that date. I felt like I got to know Kirsten of the past few months and was truly looking forward to being a part of their celebration. A quick check and I was so happy to tell Kirsten that “Yes” I would be able to photograph her Baywood Clubhouse Wedding. Indeed, I couldn’t wait to be part of her day!

Special Arrangements for Difficult Times

The initially wedding day plans called for an outdoor ceremony, with cocktail hour after and ballroom reception. However, since the State of Delaware still had very strict rules in effect, having many guests lingering together seemed prohibitive. 

” So, here is the plan: we will only have our closest family at the wedding. Probably not more than 20. Also, we are canceling the reception, since we can’t have all our guests in the same enclosed space. Instead, we will have the outdoor ceremony as planned. After the ceremony, will we have our first dance on the patio and then cut the cake right away.” 

Making Good Choices

I could hear Kirsten’s voice was really sad and she was not happy about the changes that they had to make. But sometimes, difficult decisions have to be made in difficult times.
“The guest will leave after that and we can take pictures on the grounds. At least we won’t have to rush and hurry back to a reception.” her sad voice told me.
I told her that I understood how sad she was but that she made the right decision. Having everything in limbo for a long time is not good for anyone’s psyche.

Sunshine on a Hot Summer Day

Nothing like a Delaware summer day. Anyone, who as lived on the Eastern Shore for a few summers knows about July humidity. That just how it is. Sometimes we get lucky and a breeze of the ocean will make a little better but overall the sun is most of the time laced with humidity.

When the time finally arrived for Kirsten to walk down the aisle towards Will she looked amazing. So did of Will and their beautiful twin daughters.
Who, amazingly managed to get through the ceremony without even a whimper. It was so hot, and they were so good!!!!

Just like planned, Kirsten and Will did their first dance right after the ceremony and cut the cake.
As the day was coming to an end, the amazing staff at Baywood took us on a ride across the golf course for some beautiful pictures.

Thank you, Kirsten and Will for choosing me to document your wedding. It took us a while, but we finally got there!

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